The origin of the current Mexican Army arises with the XXII free, independent and sovereign constitutional congress of the state of Coahuila that in its decree number 1421 from February 19, 1913, ignored General Victoriano Huerta and gave powers to Venustiano Carranza, Governor of the State, to create an armed force and restore constitutional order.
On March 26 of the same year, the Plan of Guadalupe was proclaimed, a document that gave its name to the “Constitutionalist Army” and once the Constitution of 1917 was promulgated, it adopted the names of the Federal and Permanent National Army and later the Mexican Army. With decree number 720 from March 22, 1950, “Army Day” was declared on February 19 of each year.
The Mexican Army Day date is a normal working day in Mexico.

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Video Credit: Military Parade Collection YouTube Channel.