There are numerous websites that provide information about this dangerous hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. Our goal is to provide information issued by the federal government and state governments. As the hurricane is approaching the antilles arch, we will start posting only official information about this hurricane. At this moment, the government has issued a blue alert. It is issued when a tropical cyclone is identified or when it takes more than 72 hours for the cyclone’s 34 knots (63 km/h) wind line to affect the area. The risk is considered low.

The storm is 2,076 statute miles (3,340.9 kilometers | 1,804 nautical miles) to the ESE (109°) of Cancun. The hurricane is actually category 4 and it is moving WNW at 11 mph (18kph).

Due to the current situation, it is not yet able to provide information regarding the potential impact area. Do not believe rumors that may misinform you about the storm’s predicted path.

Since all official government information is released in Spanish, we will post translated bulletins here. We will post more information when we have the latest information from the government.

If you are planning a trip to the Mexican Caribbean in the coming days, you should be aware of the latest official information regarding the storm.