How to locate a bureau de change and ATM’s at the Cancun Airport

ATMS & Money Exchange.- In terminal two there is the only airport bank, this is Banco Santander, and it is located in the national arrivals area along with three ATMs. In terminals three and four, in addition to ATMS, there is a currency exchange service operated by a bank named CIBanco, where you can convert your Mexican pesos to the currency of your choice and vice-versa.

For those travellers who don’t like to travel with large amounts of cash on their trip, ATMs are a convenient way to obtain local currency at a reasonable exchange rate. Please note that when using that service, transactions may be subject to a fee. We suggest you check in advance with your card issuer the fees for this service before using it.

Terminal 2

Domestic Arrivals Area
Banco Santander
Santander (Mexican currency)
Citi Banamex (Mexican currency)
Multiva (USD)

Take note that your bank may block your card if out-of-the-ordinary transactions are detected (such as withdrawals in different countries over the course of a single week), so make sure to keep a copy of your bank’s contact information on hand. You might wish to let your card issuer know which cities you’ll be visiting, this will avoid the possibility that your card could be blocked.

Terminal 3

International Departures
Money Exchange Bureau CI Banco
Multiva (USD)
Bansi (USD)
Banco Santander (Mexican currency)

Terminal 4

International Departures
Money Exchange Bureau CI Banco

1 .-Multiva (USD)
2.-Intercam (USD)
3.-Citi Banamex (Mexican currency)

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