Xcaret, Riviera Maya, March 1, 2021 – Grupo Xcaret, Mexico’s leader in sustainable tourism and recreation, is happy to announce the development of the company’s second hotel project, Hotel Xcaret Arte, located on a stretch of white sand beach and Caribbean Sea approximately 45 minutes from Cancun.

The first of Grupo Xcaret’s hotels designed exclusively for adults, Hotel Xcaret Arte will open its doors on July 1, 2021with 900-suites, seven restaurants, a spa, five distinct immersive cultural experiences, multiple pools and expansive events and convention facilities.

The new luxury resort is designed and built by 100% Mexican talent and infused with passion and respect for the surrounding Mayan region.  In both form and function, the resort pays homage to Mexican art in its various iterations and will highlight the most important symbols of the country’s culture through the creation of five distinct Casas. Each Casa will be inspired by Mexican traditions and provide guests with the opportunity to explore and engage with the country’s heritage and nature.

The Casas include Casa del Diseño, a textile workshop offering weaving lessons, Casa de la Música with dance instruction, Casa de los Artistas will inspire guests to paint, Casa de la Pirámide will explore Mexico’s rich and diverse pottery traditions, and Casa de la Paz, with cooking workshops specializing in vegan cuisine. Additionally, Casa del Patrón will serve as the resort’s main event and convention space.

Hotel Xcaret Arte, the second resort property from Grupo Xcaret, Mexico’s premiere provider of sustainable tourism and recreation experiences, will open July 1, 2021. The beachfront resort is located between Cancun and Tulum in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. Hotel Xcaret Arte features 900 suites, seven restaurants, ten bars, a spa and events and convention facilities.

With a focus on Mexico’s great cultural and artistic traditions, the resort is designed as an homage to the arts of Mexico. Hotel Xcaret Arte is an adult-oriented resort welcoming guests 16 years and older and it features the brand’s All-Fun Inclusive® concept providing complimentary transportation and access to its seven nearby eco-adventure theme parks.

Hotel Xcaret Arte is modeled after Grupo Xcaret’s core principals of sustainability, commitment to community and the planet and prosperity for all.

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