Believe it or not, that is true. Many travelers around the world think that the only ruins in the Mexican Caribbean are Tulum and Coba, but in the Cancun city you can explore Ruinas del Rey and El Meco. Although both places are smaller than Tulum, nonetheless, they were very important in the Mayan Culture.

1.- Ruinas del Rey (The King) is located at the hotel zone of Cancun across the breathtaking Playa Delfines beach. In 1909 British travelers Channing Arnold and Frederick Frost visited the site and found an anthropomorphous sculpture that resembled a member of the nobility, like a king and they named the place “The King Ruins”. The archaeologists believe that it was an administrative center of maritime trade.

2.- El Meco, this place is located north of Cancun city in the Mujeres Bay, it had a relevant roll in the Mayan navigation routes along the coast. In 600-800 AD, the place was bonded to Coba as a fishermen village and was an important trade port that controlled the access to the sanctuary of Isla Mujeres.

Both sites are small but worth visiting, you could explore the whole places in a maximum of two hours. The places are easy to reach from your hotel, ask your concierge for directions.

The schedule of both sites is from 8:00 AM to 16:00PM, and the entrance cost is around USD $3.00.

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