The Cancun Mayan Museum is one of the most important museums regarding the Maya Culture in this region of Mexico. It is a space of more than 350 archaeological pieces not only from the Quintana Roo region, but it also has pieces from Chichen Itza, Palenque and Comalcalco as well, pieces that were discovered in recent excavations as well as old emblematic pieces from different eras of the Maya Culture.

Opening its doors on November 2nd, 2012, after 6 years of development and construction next to Archeological Site San Miguelito by the design of the Architect Alberto Garcia Luscairan, it was carefully planned not only to be a safe place of the history provided by the artifacts and pieces held within, but with open spaces to let nature and weather of the Caribbean be a part of the exhibition as well, with panoramic views of San Miguelito and Nichupte Lagoon.

Greeted at the entrance by 3 pillars of pure metal coated in white ceramic designed by the Dutch artist Jan Hedrix, representing the natural shapes of the Mayan world.

It has 3 exhibitions halls each with a different theme regarding the Maya Culture.

The first hall is the focused on the archeological history of the State and the chronology of its native habitants,  going from the most ancient antique sites and finding in Cenotes (Underground Sinkhole fill with freshwater), through the classical age of the Maya in the region explained by pieces to reflect the daily lives as well as important changes and ideology of the people, making a closure with a brief depiction of the Spanish “Conquistadores” and the “Guerra de Castas” (War of Castes, a civil war between Maya descendants against the Spanish governors.

The second hall is a more general aspect of the Maya culture, their relationship with nature, their origin, development, golden age and falling of the civilization. This room explains their economics, social life, war, writings, rites and all of the cultural expressions and rites of the Mayan civilization.

And finally, the third hall is for temporary expositions.

Feb 2021

 The Temporal Exposition at the moment is called “Weyanoone” (Here we are).

Is a recollection of 46 pieces of art from Maya Artist Marcelo Jimenez Santos, as well common day items and explanations of costumes, traditions and daily life of the contemporary Maya descendants in the Yucatan Peninsula.

If you are visiting Cancun, this is a must stop to have a view of one of the most iconic and important civilizations of humanity.

** February 2021

The Mayan Museum is currently open with all of the hygiene measures, the use of obligatory face masks and with a maximum capacity of 30 visitors, it is recommended for groups of 4 or less visitors.

Visiting Hours

09:00AM to 18:00PM Tuesdays to Sundays * Mondays Closed

$80 MXN Fee per person


$4 USD

$5 CAD

€3 EUR

£2 GBP

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