Mexico has a huge diversity of wildlife in the world. The pink flamingo is one of the most beautiful birds that made its natural habitat in the northern Yucatan Peninsula. The best places to watch flamingos in Mexico are:
Celestun – A quiet fishermen village located northwest of the city of Merida.
Rio Lagartos – Town located to the north of the city of Tizimin in Yucatan. Rio Lagartos is habitat of crocodiles, deers, racoons, jaguars and ocelots as well.
Isla Pajaros (bird island) – Located in Holbox, Quintana Roo. Each year between April and October, around 40,000 flamingos get to the island to feed and nest.
Although the places mentioned above are the best to watch these birds, sometimes it is possible to watch some small flocks along the whole coast of Yucatan, Campeche and the north of Quintana Roo.

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